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Fillmore Street (Live)

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Way, way back in1994 BTG was still a trio. We had one CD out and most of the gigs we did back then were street fairs. We would end up playing all day from 10am to 6pm. On July 2nd, 3rd and 4th of that year we played at the Fillmore Street Jazz and Art Festival. We recorded the entire weekend directly off our soundboard onto a little stereo DAT recorder. With so much time to get warmed up and so much time to play you’re able to really stretch out on many of the tunes and interesting things start to happen.

Looking back this many years later this album feels like a very honest representation of the way the band played and sounded back then. These recordings were re-mastered by Marc Games for the 2005 re-release of Fillmore Street.

MP3 streaming audio: The Nuschler
One of Bartron’s sports-inspired tunes, this epic pays homage to Will (Nuschler) Clark, first baseman of the San Francisco Giants from 1986 to 1993.

MP3 streaming audio: All Blues
The classic Miles Davis tune. Our guitar-centric arrangement was likely inspired by Larry Carlton’s version on his Last Nite album.

MP3 streaming audio: Hey Vince
One of the tunes off our first album. JB thought the fast 7/4 groove right up the alley of drummer Vince Stefanetti, one of the musicians we played with before BTG was formed.

MP3 streaming audio: Blackbird
Our take on the Beatles classic. (Note: this tune has been re-worked again as part of our up-coming Beatles project.)

MP3 streaming audio: Take Five
Another cover tune, this one the classic Paul Desmond composition put through the BTG filter. Played in straight time instead of the swinging original. Traces of John McLaughlin influences surface, particularly in JB’s opening arpeggios.

MP3 streaming audio: Breakfast All Day
A sign on a desert highway in the middle of the night or in the blinding light of day. A landscape with a lot of room for improvisation.

MP3 streaming audio: Blues For A Red Planet
Not your usual blues jam, this constantly evolving piece morphs from a stately (if unusual) blues variation into…something else.

MP3 streaming audio: Phenom
Another of Bartron’s sports anthems. One of our early tunes with lots of room for atmospheric explorations and plenty of opportunities for flash.

MP3 streaming audio: (I Won’t) Hold My Breath
A bonus studio track recorded at Dreamland Studios by Jesse Feliciano.


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