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Just About Almost There: What were these guys thinking?

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MP3 streaming audio: Smokes Like A Fish
Based on a catchy electric guitar riff with an infectious groove that had been a rehearsal studio warm up jam for years, this tune has become a concert staple that always generates incredible audience response. Mike Tyler tears into an electric guitar melody and solo followed by John Bartron taking a synth guitar solo.

MP3 streaming audio: Comp Day
A musical portrait of  free time. JB remembers: “One morning while sitting on the deck of our house in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mts. I had a cup of coffee and a whole warm summer day off in front of me. The groove and  simple melody started up on my guitar and I couldn’t stop playing. After a while I traded the coffee for some local brew and the song seemed to write itself.” The arrangement features a percussion and bass breakdown that transforms into a lively synth guitar solo, followed by  a tasteful, ripping electric solo.

MP3 streaming audio: Foolproof Plan
This song first appeared on Btg’s now out of print debut album  in an acoustic format and has evolved over the years into a groovin’ full band  arrangement. Deep bass and  drums lay the foundation  for some back and forth acoustic and electric guitar solos.

MP3 streaming audio: Ignorant (by) Design
Three quarters of the way through recording for the album the band realized they didn’t have an acoustic number to send along to Rosalie Howarth of KFOG’s Acoustic Sunrise. JB whipped together and recorded a nice finger picking tune and let the rest of the band fill in the blanks. Mike added a slide guitar melody, John Hasty  pulled out every hand drum he owns and Joey Fabian settled on a fretless bass to bring it all together. Have a nice Sunday.

MP3 streaming audio: Model T
Written the day after attending a Robben Ford concert, Mike’s Model T has a stylish interior, plenty of power under the hood and all the looks to turn peoples heads as you cruise down Highway 1.What will it take to put you behind the wheel of this tune…today.  Soulful and soaring electric guitar melody and solo,  followed by an introspective acoustic guitar solo.

MP3 streaming audio: Bare Necessities
Mike Tyler is featured on this traditional folk song. Acoustic guitars, slide guitar and Ebow overdubbed by one musician yet sounding  as natural as a group of friends sitting around a campfire.

MP3 streaming audio: The Blue Beach
John Hasty and Joey Fabian recording deep into the night at Joey’s mid-peninsula home studio. Running out of drums and percussion to play? Pull out some mixing bowls!

MP3 streaming audio: Irish Tune (Morrison’s Jig ; Geary Blvd. Translation)
John’s oft performed solo piece finally  recorded. A tune learned from a penny whistle playing Irish American lass  he met at a local pub.

MP3 streaming audio: Treaty Schmeaty
A Zepplin-esque  guitar riff with plenty of room for all to rock. Mike tries his hand at lap steel for some outstanding  soloing. The band also showcases their as yet hidden vocal talent. A one chord a capella ending that is dripping with political satire.

MP3 streaming audio: The Flying Dream
Mike’s favorite reoccurring dream is related here in great epic detail. The band’s progressive rock influences  are evident in this orchestral suite.  Once again the percussion arsenal is utilized alongside synth guitar and plenty of  ensemble interplay. “ sleep, perchance to soar..”



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