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Some more insights to the tunes off our LeapDay album:

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MP3 streaming audio: It's Not The Heat
This tune had its beginnings in a Larry Graham-like bass riff (in 5/4) that Mike came up with at a jam. The quasi-psychedelic part after JB's solo features a sound montage of various backwards-recorded noises including bicycle spokes, ocarina, piano, giggling, etc. Great Hammond B-3 solo by Lee Parvin. A sweaty summer song.

MP3 streaming audio: Hit The Ground Running
A deliberate experiment to compose a piece with diverse yet connected musical styles. The verse is a  Joni Mitchell type of strummy modern folk riff with a hummable melody. The bridge takes you to the Caribbean for a percussion driven groove with guitars taking the part of a steel(drum) band. The title is derived from lyrics that JB wrote but were never performed. An instrumental song with lyrics!

MP3 streaming audio: 1027
This song manages to groove and flow while going through frequent changes in meter. The feel owes a lot to certain Grateful Dead tunes, while the opening guitar figure recalls a well-known Led Zeppelin song. Fun to solo over. Also notable for the bass part played by JB on his acoustic guitar through an octave box, and guest keyboards by Lee Parvin. Inspired by the home MT grew up in, and the good vibes still present there, the songís title is the address.

MP3 streaming audio: You Say Tenaya
This tune was written at a favorite campsite, Tenaya Lake in Yosemite. John Hasty manages to play every percussion instrument from three continents in this song. Mike's electric guitar solo was a first take luckily recorded during a sound check.

MP3 streaming audio: Blue Spot
A completely composed guitar piece inspired by Earl Klugh's early work. John Hasty plays a smooth jazz triangle part on a Turkish zil.

MP3 streaming audio: Missing An Old Friend
The oldest tune on Leap Day and our only vocal tune ever recorded. Written in 1985 about the passing of a musician friend, itís lyrics deal with our rather odd attraction to melancholy, ďthe pleasant pain of missing an old friendĒ.  Featuring Nancy Hall of The Curios on vocals. Musical notes: solo by JB; banshee guitar by MT (backwards recorded slide/volume pedal/echo); JH drums sounding somewhat Stewart Copeland-like.

MP3 streaming audio: 16
JB's response to the heavy-handed music played during sports highlight shows. This song was written on a Sunday morning in 1990 while watching a 49er game. Inspired by the cool and calm  demeanor of Joe Montana(#16). JB had the song finished before the game winning field goal.

MP3 streaming audio: Confluence
Another song written around a campfire. This is a solo fingerstyle guitar piece named for the spot where two rivers join to make one. Dedicated to JBís lady, this song is basically about coming together.

MP3 streaming audio: Sunlight Through The Clouds
Another old tune, this was part of a group of pieces written by MT to accompany a photography exhibit called "The Baylands Project" by our friend Richard Lohmann. The Mellotron heard on this track reveals our roots in early 70s progressive rock. Slide guitar melody and solo by MT, acoustic guitar solo by JB. The music is a literal interpretation of the title, a celebration of nature.

MP3 streaming audio: Hit The Ground: Pt.2
More musical diversity! An Irish jig that dramatically returns to the original theme heard in part 1. This track features cool unison melody played by JB and Lee Parvin on guitar and accordion respectively. Lotís of ear candy.



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