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Some brilliant reflections on our Like A Metaphor
album that might bore most people:


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MP3 streaming audio: Unsafe At Any Speed
The title says it all; a musical interpretation of Ralph Nader's famous phrase. This tune is also like the Corvair in that the faster it goes the more dangerous it becomes (how could it not be?). Stylistically it falls somewhere between the Hellecasters and the 1980's model King Crimson. The arrangement was put together rather quickly so we could debut it at a gig at Slim's in San Francisco, and it's changed very little since then. MT

MP3 streaming audio: Stupid, But Lucky
Whimsical autobiographical sketch. The only compositional parameter being: no chords allowed, only melodies to be played by each instrument. J Fibby (bassist Joey Fabian) is up to the challenge and creates a wonderfully melodic and exciting bass line that could have earned him writing credits if I weren't such a greedy bastard. JB

MP3 streaming audio: How They Eat In Heaven
The title comes from my favorite chapter in "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver. A nice melodic tune that blends my slide guitar melody with a harp-like guitar part played by JB using as many natural harmonics as possible. The mood of the piece reminds me of "Earl Gray" by Kiln House-era Fleetwood Mac. This was the first track we recorded for the album. MT

MP3 streaming audio: Zuzu's Petals
As we so often point out this is drummer Hasty's first composition with the band and we begrudgingly admit it's becoming one of the favorite tunes on the new album. I'm trying my best to sound like Sonny Landreth. Great interplay between JB's acoustic and Lee Parvin's Hammond, fretless bass by Joey and, oh yeah, cool percussion by Hasty (I mean, he did write it). MT

My wife and I were watching ďItís a Wonderful life,Ē and I was playing a new djembe that Santa had dropped off the night before, when the groove started to take shape (what a gift).  Then the melody kind of fell into place based on the drum groove.  Itís kind of a sweet song that hitches a ride on the feeling when Jimmy Stewart finds Zuzuís petals. JH

MP3 streaming audio: Our Towner
Homage sans fromage. A heartfelt tribute to the great musician and composer Ralph Towner from the group Oregon. JB

MP3 streaming audio: Don't Let Me Down
It's obvious that we're all huge Beatle fans; the majority of the cover tunes we do are Beatle songs. This one is a lot of fun to play live. John and I race to see who can quote Billy Preston's riffs first. MT

MP3 streaming audio: Gravity Assist
Energy Conservation Tip: While day-tripping through the Cosmos, save fuel by using the kinetic energy of other worlds to maneuver your craft. A new right hand technique for SonicJ (Thumb plucks a bass note while the index finger plays a harmonic harmony plucked by the middle finger) inspired the main riff of this tune. MC "puff" Tyler ripped out a melody. JHay (drummer John Hasty) inspired by some carpentry going on near his house layed down the groove aided and abetted by JFibby. It saved the expense of buying a red '70 Pontiac Firebird and the embarrassment of  that obsessive crush on a cheerleader. JB

MP3 streaming audio: Plaid
The oldest original on the album. We've been playing this for a long, long time and I could never commit to a title. When we mentioned this at a gig a friend in the audience yelled "Plaid"! So be it. Written in 12/8 time and somewhat quirky rhythmically, it is definitely inspired by the Dixie Dregs. Check out the cool Hammond played by Lee Parvin. MT

MP3 streaming audio: Banana Leg
Bright yellow, pointed banana shaped tomatoes; meaty and low in acid, making them perfect for slicing into salads. The middle section jam is a great representation of the organic process of improvisation. JB

MP3 streaming audio: Song Of The Camco Whale
A lot of our friends know that John Bartron loves to come up with intros to our songs. So in the spirit of friendly competition, I thought I would try my hand at doing one myself. It was lots of fun working with Lee Parvin to help me put it together.  All of the sounds were made on my old Camco drum kit. JH

MP3 streaming audio: The Whale's Footprint
The inspiration for the title came from a whale watching expedition we took out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. When a whale dives it leaves a still, smooth patch on the water called a "footprint". The intro, "Song of The Camco Whale" is John Hasty "bowing" his tom-toms with his hands, emulating the low whale sounds. The higher pitched voices are these same drum recordings being rewound at high speed. MT


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