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You can order our last 5 CDs, Yesterday Never Knows, Just About Almost There, Fillmore Street, Like A Metaphor and LeapDay, on the internet from CDBaby by clicking here: cdbaby.com
If you would like to buy directly from us print this page and fill out the order form below. The price of our CDs are listed below (our debut album is presently only available on cassette), plus $3.00 shipping per order no matter how many albums you buy. The more you order the more you save on shipping. Make your checks out to "Hardwood Music" and send them to:
Hardwood Music
1027 Crespi Dr.
Pacifica  CA  94044
Album: Number of copies:
Yesterday Never Knows CD(2009) _________ X $15.00
Just About Almost There CD(2006) _________ X $15.00
Fillmore Street: Live CD(2005) _________ X $15.00
Like A Metaphor CD(2002) _________ X $15.00
LeapDay CD(1997) _________ X $12.00
Bartron Tyler Group Cassette(1993) _________ X $7.00
YNK T-Shirts (specify S, M, L, XL, XXL) _________X $15.00
Total cost of goods: _________________
plus $3.00 shipping: _________________
Total amount of check: _________________

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